How to change colors of all slides in PowerPoint

So much time is wasted changing colors of single slides...

But there is a way to change color of texts, shapes, background... Instantly

1. Click on "Design"

Inside "Variants" click the arrow pointing down

2. Click on "Colors"

Pick any of the colors that Office offers. In this case I chose "Blue II"

Voilá!! All your slides must have changed to the new set of colors

If there are some parts of the slides you can't see change its because you may have picked colors that were not in your theme standard.

Wondering how to add your own branded colors?

Very easy here's how

1. In "Colors" click on "Customize Colors

At the bottom of the list

2. Add your own brand colors

Pro Tip: change accents 1-3 to see instant change ;)
Don´t forget to add a name to your color palette for future use.
You will find your palettet at the top of the color list under "Custom"

Do you like beautiful slides?

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